The 6 Best Herbs for Anxiety, According to a Dietitian

Before attempting any new herbal supplements for anxiety, consult with your doctor about any pharmaceutical interactions or safety issues.

While herbal supplements can aid with anxiety management, they are not a cure. As a result, when choosing supplements, avoid those that promise to treat or cure anxiety disorders.

What is the source of your anxiety?

Anxiety is a fearful or worried sensation that is frequently related with life stressors such as health, money, employment, or relationships. While anxiety is a typical reaction to minor stressors such as a job interview or a medical procedure, some people experience it more frequently.

Anxiety disorders create frequent strong fear or nervousness, which can interfere with daily functioning. It is predicted that up to 30% of adults will suffer from an anxiety condition at some point in their lives.

Anxiety is caused by heredity and environmental variables such as trauma, early stress, or a pattern of negative or stressful life experiences, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. A family history of mental health problems or anxiety can also put you at risk.

What are the benefits of herbs for anxiety?

Many people use herbs to treat mild to severe mental health disorders such as anxiety in order to avoid the undesirable and negative side effects of medicines.

Herbal medicine is a sort of complementary and alternative medicine that use medicinal plants to promote overall health or to treat specific ailments.

Herbs have been utilised for millennia in various parts of the world to ease mental health problems, and they have gained favour in the United States in recent decades.

One evaluation of more than 100 trials conducted over a 20-year period discovered that herbal supplements had 45% more beneficial outcomes on anxiety and depression symptoms with less bad effects than standard pharmaceuticals.

The following are the finest herbs for anxiety:

passionflower, lemon balm, rhodiola, and valerian root


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